Friday, January 20, 2017

Embrace Augmented Reality: Baidu opens AR lab

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Baidu opens augmented reality lab, begins integrating AR into search

Baidu, China's search giant recently has opened an augmented reality lab, which focuses on developing new technologies and AR-based apps related to education, healthcare, tourism as well as marketing.
Before this, Baidu has launched its AR platform for smartphones, DuSee, in August 2016. Baidu has created AR marketing experiences for clients such as L’Oreal China, KFC China, Lancome, and Mercedes-Benz.
Baidu’s AR technology is currently available in Mobile Baidu, Baidu Maps and local services app Baidu Nuomi. Starting this week, Beijing subway users can use their smartphones to view 3D simulations of the city's historical gates by activating the camera function within the Mobile Baidu app.

Compared to VR, in general applications of AR have a brighter future in marketing in many aspects. Cell-phone based approach is an advantage of AR. It enables AR to gain quicker adoption in the market. That's why Baidu chooses to focus on developing on mobile instead of large investment on head-mounted systems. While the technology is becoming more and more accessible to the public, and the growth of its applications in marketing is rapid. The need of marketing content in AR applications is growing, too. AR offers an amazing channel for more creativity, good content is still the king when marketers leverage this technology.

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