Thursday, January 19, 2017

Digital marketing CSR

“When you do merciful deeds, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does”.  However, in the age of digital marketing, the good deeds that your company is doing have to be part of your marketing strategy.

Today more and more consumers are thinking beyond price and quality. Perception is a big deal for brands. Social media can be a vulnerability to a brand if not used correctly, just like the example of #BoycottDolceGabanna after the brand after its founder opposed to the idea of children being born from IVF.

Presenting any philanthropic effort of a company is a rather old concept. The ‘new’ CSR is maximizing brand awareness and profit while being a force for social good, in nearly-equal measure. It is important to incorporate CSR into brand marketing strategy when the CSR activity and the company’s core business is closely connected. Once you make the connection, then comes implementation as an engaging marketing strategy – could be in a form of blog, advertising, social media, video and so on. One such example is New Balance’s support for #goodgym, where the company sponsored an initiative of runners that combine getting fit with doing good. Another effective channel is encouraging employees to post on social media their CSR activity. This can show that the company’s CSR activities are well integrated with the company as a whole. 

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