Friday, January 20, 2017

Inside Real Madrid's Game Plan For Digital Domination

Real Madrid is the most successful sports organization in the world.  I came across an article that discussed their recent efforts to turn their digital content into a revenue generator, and it seems to be working as planned.

Last year they partnered with Rebel Ventures, a digital strategy agency that also works with other successful teams like the Boston Red Sox and the Liverpool Football Club.  The agency has strong relationships with the major social media platforms.  In an effort to increase their digital footprint Real Madrid also increased their digital operations team from 3 to 20 members.  As you can imagine, their results have been stellar.

I believe this is a great example of how powerful digital marketing can be if done correctly.  Because of successful digital marketing, Real Madrid is no longer just a great football club.  Now they are a content provider, which has helped them create a cult following that's nearly impossible to duplicate. Their ability to create customer captivity is a competitive advantage that should continue to grow, which should increase their profits for their new (digital content) revenue generator.

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