Thursday, January 26, 2017

What Google's Mobile-First Index Means For Your SEO Strategy

Super relevant article on some of the lessons learned from last week on Google. Basically, Google is indexing (looking at webpages) through the eyes of a mobile browser first and a desktop browser second. This was previously reveres, but because today's users are accessing more and more web content via mobile devices.

They are not going as far as penalizing web pages for not being mobile friendly, but are encouraging sites to become mobile compliant.

A nice description of how this will impact SEO is said in the following paragraph:

"Instead, the impact of mobile-first indexing will come into play if your mobile and desktop sites are significantly different. For example, if the mobile version of a page of your site has significantly less content than the desktop version, the mobile version will now be treated as the primary version, which could have a significant bearing on your visitors’ impressions of your brand and site."
 A game changer for ROI of mobile ads and other KPI's measured for website visibility.

What Google's Mobile-First Index Means For Your SEO Strategy

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