Friday, January 20, 2017

Influencer Databases

If the inundation of influencers on our own social media accounts isn't enough, further proof of influencer marketing growth is shown by the existence and growth in influencer databases. There are now enough marketers looking for influencers, and influencers on social media to sift through, that companies are investing in creating a market for influencers and marketers to connect.

Just this week Insightpool launched its Universal Search platform with 600 million influencer profiles across 100 social networks. Insightpool touts this as the largest database in the world with competing platforms containing less than 100,000 profiles.

The cost to use the tool is not publicly available, but will be critical to determine whether this will help smaller companies not spending on influencer marketing now to find and leverage influencers to market their products and services going forward.

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