Monday, January 16, 2017

Super Bowl LI teaser ads a no show so far this year with brands keeping campaigns under wraps

Super Bowl LI Teaser ads a no show so far this year...

Every year prior to the Super Bowl advertisers typically release teaser clips up to thirty days before the Super Bowl. This year it has been surprisingly quiet and it is only 3 weeks until the Super Bowl. The article explains that the main reason for this is that ads need to make an emotional connection and it is hard to do in such a short time in a teaser clip format. Companies are spending more time on the actual ad and on the long form ad that inevitably is shared online after it airs.

I personally agree and am not interested in the teasers. I like to be surprised on Super Bowl Sunday (If I am not at the game watching live!)

See below for the article and hope you enjoy it.

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