Friday, January 20, 2017

5 powerful call-to-action examples in real estate marketing that make people click

For agents, brokerage owners, and online real estate marketers keen to grab the attention of increasingly de-sensitized buyers and sellers online, the art of crafting with a clever call-to-action (CTA) is an ongoing challenge. Though many real estate sites still use "Click Here" for CTAs, more savvy online marketers have created much more effective verbiage that truly get clicks and generates leads. Here are five powerful CTAs that work in the online real estate space: 

1. 'Start Your Search' First Team Real Estate

"Home is a State of Mind. Find yours..."
This Californian real estate brokerage uses a very clear, easy to understand, and catchy tagline that's prominently displayed on their homepage. The "Start Your Search" button that 
follows is simple yet enticing, and provides an engaging play on the proceeding text that makes users take action.

2. 'Find a Knowledgable Agent'
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Whether buying a home or selling one.Find a Knowledgable Agent.

Many brokerages in their real estate sites use "Search Agents" or "Find Agents," in a CTA, Berkshire Hathaway's clever addition of the word "knowledgeable" adds a compelling element that attracts readers attention. The verbiage is simple, short, and effective. Playing to the needs and concerns of both buyers and sellers, this clever CTA pairs in a compelling way with the heading, reinforcing the firm's focus on expertise and unique skills. 

3. 'Discover our Advantage'
Michael Saunders & Company

Selling your home.
Discover our advantage

This Florida Gulf Coast firm uses clean, powerful and straight-to-the-point wording on their website. Their CTAs targeted to homesellers are no different. The text between the heading and the CTA is phrased in very short sentences and unlike many other real estate websites, uses strong and compelling wording without being too "salesy." 

4. 'Take a Look', 'View Lineup' and 'Check 'Em Out' 
First Team Real Estate

Take A Look

View LineUp

Check 'Em Out

Another shoutout to this Californian brokerage who uses clever, short, and bold wording that pairs the headings with CTA buttons and efficiently captures the attention of potential homebuyers. While the 'Check 'em out' type language might not work for a more formal brokerage, the Californian-style casual language works effectively for the local readership.

5. 'Contact Our Concierge'
Partners Trust

A Peerless Real Estate Experience
Contact Our Concierge

This LA-based brokerage takes a different approach in its marketing and its CTAs for potential sellers. For Partners Trust, touting their quality service and unique 'concierge' type offering is a compelling presentation. Their CTA is made especially enticing because it is preceded with a quote from a former seller, inviting consumers to experience the same success with the sale of a home through this firm. 

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