Saturday, January 21, 2017

Measuring Digital

2017 is likely going to mark the first time ever that digital advertising spend will surpass television.

“In 2017, digital ads will bring in $202 billion—40% of all ad spending, according to industry forecaster Magna. That compares with 36% for television.” – Barron’s. January 21, 2017.

As digital advertising becomes an increasingly larger part of ad spend, it becomes clear that those people making ad investment decisions are going to demand better ways to measure the performance of their ads.
The implications for the industry are significant. What tools are available for advertisers to best measure the efficacy of their digital campaigns? And, in light of recent headline news about hundred-million dollar ad fraud, how do advertisers make sure that their tools for measurement aren’t incentivizing others to game the system?
It's hard to imagine that as more and more marketing dollars get allocated to the digital space that the ability to measure how successful these ads are doesn't start to become one of - if not the - most significant decisions for those controlling the budget. As this space continues to grow, it seems publishers will start to prioritize those channels that are most measurable, whether or not they are the most effective.

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