Monday, January 23, 2017

YouTube gains access to Google account data for ad targeting, teases new measurement solution

Google announced yesterday that YouTube can now start using google info to serve ads on YouTube. The example given in the article is a retailer that shows an ad for someone who searches for a winter coat can then target the same consumer on a YouTube ad.

Some people may find this practice intrusive but in my own personal experience I believe it is a genius maneuver for both sides. For the retailer it is likely lowering their cost of acquisition since they will be serving fewer ads to more interested parties.

As a consumer it is optimal. I have always appreciated the banner ads that correspond to what I have been searching for throughout the past week/month. If this wasn't happening and I was being served random ads like the old days then I would turn off and start ignoring the ads.

Knowing this recent development at Google I may watch the ad vs. getting ready to hit the button that says "you may skip this ad in 12 seconds."

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