Monday, January 16, 2017

The Most Important Marketing Metric You're Not Measuring

In this article from I found a nice description of Channel centric vs. Content centric marketing metrics. The implication here is that many digital marketers are looking at the analytics of email, social media, or all combined channels rather than focusing on the actual content of what is being delivered via those channels. This was a reminder of how metrics in digital marketing have evolved from website hits to more elegant metrics such as unique visitors and click thru rates.

From this Q&A with a digital marketing professional Ryan Bonnici (who?), there are more areas of improvement to be made, the industry can start looking at content types vs. channels. A great takeaway from the article focuses on asking the correct questions before diving in the data and all the channel driven metrics. Taking a step back to asses what questions you are looking to answer, before trying to answer is a key learning.

"The question you’re trying to answer here is: "What content topic generates the most visitors for my business?""

The channel is not relevant to this question and this is perhaps "outside of the box" for marketers.

Ryan Bonnici

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