Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Surprising Social Media Facts

Christian Lowe Blog Post - February, 20th 2014 As we have been discussing the impact of Social Media on a companies ability to generate sales, it is important to therefore understand some important trends that are occuring in the Social Media landscape in relation to a company's marketing efforts. I found a great article that highlights 10 surprising facts about Social Media and each one has valuable implications on a company's strategy to use different Social Media vehicles to drive incremental revenues: 1. Your biggest advocates have the fewest followers - fewer than 10 mentions will come from "power users" (>500 followers) 2. Twitter has 6 distinct communication networks - Polarized crowds; Tight crowds; Brand clusters; Community Clusters; Broadcast Networks; Support Networks 3. Marketers say Written content trumps visuals 4. You have 1 Hour to respond on Twitter - 53% of users expect a response w/n 1 hr 5. Late night is the best time for retweets - 11PM - 1 AM have the most retweets on avg/day 6. Fridays are Facebooks best day for Engagement 7. Photos drive Engagement on Facebook Pages - 87% of shared posts are photos 8. Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter drive the most traffic 9. Aim for specific N interactions/post (depending on total fans) 10. There's a best day for everything on Pinterest - Monday = Fitness - Tuesday = Tech - Wednesday= Quotes - Thursday = Fashion - Friday = Humor - Saturday = Travel - Sunday = Food / Crafts Article link with create infographics:

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