Thursday, February 26, 2015

Company culture is shifting the way of digital

I found an interesting article about the growth of digital marketing budgets based on data from econsultancy (

The trend is obvious (i.e. more ad spending is being directed to digital marketing, with 77% of respondents in 2015 saying they plan to increase their digital marketing budgets, versus 1% who plan to decrease them).....

Q: What best describes your plans for your digital marketing budget in 2015?

...but the drivers behind the trend are less obvious. For example, there seems to be a real lack of talent/knowledge (termed "staff" below) to carry out digital marketing, and this is becoming a bigger problem. I had thought that more people are becoming skilled in digital, which should have alleviated the problem. Importantly, though, it looks like companies' cultures are becoming more open toward digital marketing. A big win!

Q: What is preventing your company from investing more money in digital marketing?

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