Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beauty Vlogger Sensations

Reposting about a friend of mine who made major waves this past month in beauty social media. Up and coming vlogger deepicam posted a tutorial on her youtube channel regarding using red lipstick under your eyes to mask under-eye circles.  It is a DIY trick that can quickly and inexpensively relieve women of insecurities regarding the age or fatigue that is portrayed by uneven skin.  I have never seen a video go viral so rapidly - apparently the trick is Buzzfeed.  They picked up her vlog and re-posted and within 2 weeks she had 3 million views.  Currently she has 4.2 million views and has been featured on the Today Show, in Elle France as well as Vogue India.  She is leveraging this early success towards her ultimate goal of becoming a Beauty Personality and having her own line of cosmetics.

I found this inspiring because there are infinite numbers of beauty vloggers trying to make a space through makeup tutorials and product reviews.  Deepicam managed to carve a niche through the DIY approach which is what I think resonated with women so well and she is now transforming that into her competitive advantage.  People underestimate these young social media mavens as un-intelligent and having excess time on their hands but in reality they are just junior entrepreneurs.  I think this type of activity should be encouraged because it allows girls creativity, freedom to be themselves and exercise their talents.  And who knows, it could just become a mega-career.

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