Saturday, February 21, 2015


Coca-cola launched a brilliant new campaign called "emoticoke" in Puerto Rico, playing with the widespread use of emoticons these days. Although only in Puerto Rico, the campaign is very smart for the global brand as emoticons are at this point a universal language. In fact, the video explaining the campaign makes a similar statement.

Use of the happiness emoticon also aligns with Coca-cola's association with "the brand of happiness." People are invited to visit to claim their own emoticon url. I tried searching a few different emoticons - most went back to the emoticoke website, but some people had used the tool to redirect to the emoticon url to their Twitter page, an ad, etc. Searching for the "grinning face with smiling eyes" emoji, I found this:

The campaign is fun, interactive, and I was smiling when I saw it so I suppose it worked. There is a red coke bottle silhouette that appears on the screen while each page loads, and the company even chose the suffix .ws because according to them it stands for "we smile". (.ws is the suffix for Samoa, and was the best option out of those that accept emoji's in the url.)

I find myself wanting a coke now.

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