Saturday, February 21, 2015


Over the years, Coca-Cola has worked hard to associate its brand with happiness, and this time its Puerto Rican arm has decided to promote the brand by introducing its first emoji web address: 

On top of that, Coke has also registered every emoji that conveys happiness on the .ws domain suffix where all of these domains are redirected to the main promotional website, On this site, users can also register to try to obtain their very own emoji address. If you are wondering why the domain suffix .ws (which is a domain suffix for Samoa) is used instead of the popular domains such as .com, .org, or .net, Coke's ad agency explains that emojis are not accepted on these domains and opted .ws because the letters could stand for 'We smile', which seemed most relevant to the brand.

The campaign is clearly targeted at the active mobile device users - presumably the younger generation. By using emojis, which has slowly turned into a second language for the younger consumers, Coca-Cola is attempting to connect with and grab the attention of the young and tech-savvy crowd. A major drawback of this campaign however, is that only mobile devices are able to insert emojis in the urls, hence preventing consumers from accessing it using their laptops and computers. That said, a quick search of #emoticoke on Twitter reveals positive feedback from users who are raving about this creative new idea.

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