Friday, February 27, 2015

Customer Experience Is Clearly Very Important for Marketers to Focus on in 2015

Christian Lowe Blog Post - 2/27/2014 Something that is becoming very apparent, not just in digital marketing but in marketing in general, is that the customer experience is very important for marketers to address and enhance through any and all mediums. With the pervasive cost comparison capabilities the internet provides customers, it is now extremely important for brands to cultivate a higher quality experience for their customers in order to attract, retain and extract more value fro customers. Customers can now easily compare the costs of products that a brand offers, so a brand now finds the only true way to differentiate itself from its competitors y offering customers the best experience possible. For a brand to achieve a competitive advantage in experiential marketing, it must become much more innovative in its marketing approaches. No longer will direct marketing campaigns and loyalty programs suffice in this increasingly competitive marketplace. Brands have to expand its portfolio of vehicles it employs in its marketing efforts to its customer base because information is so expansive and customers have such a diverse array of options through which to consume media. Consequently, brands have to be much more cognizant of the importance of engaging in social marketing and content creation that seeks the consumers' input and interaction. Simply having prime advertising placing in Google searches or simply having a Facebook page will no longer secure the optimal responses to a marketing campaign. To increase its ROI on its marketing spend, brands need to actively engage in Instagram, seek out customers to provide their own input on the content that is created, and seek other ways in which a customer can feel like a contributing participant in the production of their desired products. Below is a link highlighting the need for content creation and experiential marketing:

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