Sunday, February 15, 2015

Get more intimate with customers using Podcasts

So far, a lot of what we have studied is the way to visually engage with your customers. Recently, though, I have been reading more about a Podcasts as a tool for engaging with customers. Podcasts provide a new medium of engagement as they can be customized to a customer's preferences (i.e. the customer shows their intent), but continue to engage with the customer even when they are off the web. The relationship formed is often quite personal given the prevalence of spoken language.

One important consideration highlighted by the Podcast gurus at Google and Forbes, however, is that Podcasts should generally be about something a customer does with a product, not an advertisment for the product itself . Check our more details on how to get your Podcasts going here:

I have generally blogged on some of the risks of digital, and don't want to break that trend today. In honor of Valentines, day, here is my favorite (but maybe twisted) tweet from the day. Good luck protecting your privacy!

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