Friday, February 27, 2015

Social Media Is Not PR

If you've been using your social media platforms as a way to broadcast your messages, it's not going anywhere but lost amid a plethora of contents that a viewer sees every day.

You must create a context; conduct and execute a strategy to start a conversation with your viewers. Create a value that will endure in the consumer's mind that he/she will want to follow you, like your posts, share them, and become your loyal consumer for -- who knows -- a lifetime. *marketer's dreamy sigh*

"I LOVE THAT BRAND" is what you want to hear; qualitative measurement of success right there folks.

So how do you do that? Create a story and narrate it creatively through your social media.

Yes, creativity is key. Don't just publish a picture of your product; get to the consumer's end goal of your product and trace back.

If you're an art museum, it's not effective to publish pictures of your artworks everyday. People care less about static images; they simply see too many.

Alternative strategy: do something like what these guys are doing - Dave Krugman and Zach Glassman
Krugman randomly dresses up and goes to the Met after its hours, takes some baroque pictures and publishes them. Zach is a wonderlust who takes astonishing yet enigmatic photographs around the world.

We get curious. We want to know more about their story and what places they're going to. So Krugman has 155k followers on his Instagram, while Glassman has 199k on his

Social media posts that tell people what to do (i.e. "Exhibition opens this Friday! Come check it out!") won't do the trick anymore. Compel your audience.

2015 is no longer the year when you tweet, people will buy. Social media is not a PR means; it's a marketing strategy. Think creatively and curate your story. 

Zach Glassman @zachspassport

Dave Krugman @dave.krugman

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