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Latest trends in Digital Marketing

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I agree with most of the part of the survey results conducted by

Survey results:

Content is certainly the king. Thus, it is intuitive that most of the marketers consider the importance of relevant, personalized, integrated content.  The excerpt from Venchito Tampon, Content Marketer and Link Building Specialist of Digital Philippines clearly indicates the importance of educating customers with the appropriate content: “Digital marketing in 2015 will definitely focus on caring customers/clients with all the available resources the brand could provide in its website. Content will make it easy for new and existing customers to locate and use the best products and services they intend to look for in various channels (search, social, paid advertising, etc.) Educating the target audience will now become the top selling point of many brands from whatever industry they are in.”

While Big Data may be the second most important trend as per the above survey, for me it is the number one. Let us take examples of the technology giants, Google and Apple. Google is already considered one of the leaders in data analytics.  Its acquisition of data driven performance platform in Marketing, Adometry (, has certainly proved the importance of marketing analytics. Apple’s recent acquisition of Semetric would bring Big Data to Music. Enterprise-level access to data on how listeners consume music, through both legal and illegal channels, with the help of Semetric could even catalyze the ascension of Big Data into consumer-centric markets. Data on this scale could likely revolutionize and change the way music is monetized, and could even shift value from the art and artists to the numbers. This acquisition would ensure Apple remains leader in the music industry.
Again, the above two giants are also coming up with some breakthrough devices which are yet to be completely revealed to the public:

The world seems to be eagerly waiting for the above two devices. While Apple seems to have indicated launching Apple Watch in the first half of this year, Google has not declared the world wide launch date of Google Glass yet. In fact, it declared that it is still in progress (opposing the thought that it may be dead) which certainly raises curiosity amongst everyone.

These devices would certainly make it easy to collect even more data across different data points and understand customer behavior. While I am also waiting for the launch and the revelation of additional details of the above two devices, my advice to the digital marketers would be to focus on the actual data that these smart devices collect and also sift and mine through the data to connect the dots. The key is to understand new methods of data collection points which may have not been possible till date.

Mobile has already taken over most of the other devices. Thus, mobile analytics would be even a bigger factor in this year for digital marketers. Additionally, the traditional email marketing, which has been prevalent for years now is still continue to stay. The only difference would be that most of these email promotions would be tailored for mobile devices and PDAs.

Finally, I would conclude by stating that most of the laggards who are yet to adopt digital marketing will change this year and start adopting. Mel Carson, founder of Delightful Communications states: “Businesses will finally wake up to the fact that social media and mobile marketing are no longer new phenomena and should be integrated right from the start of any marketing campaign or inbound initiative. The future of digital lies in companies being social and mobile by design!”

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