Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Social Media: 15 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong

Here is an article on common mistakes made during social media marketing.  If done correctly, social media marketing can be a big game changer and incredibly effective way to attract the attention of target audience. 

The list is as follows:

1. You Don’t Have a Plan
2. You’re Working Alone
3. You’re Not a Writer
4. You’re Spread Too Thin
5. You’re a One-Trick Pony
6. You’re Not Posting in Real-Time
7. You’re Not Being Yourself
8. You’re Not Listening
9. You’re Erratic
10. You’re Careless
11. You’re No Fun
12. You’re as Bland as Milk Toast
13. You’re Not Sharing Any Pictures
14. You’re Not Paying to Play
15. You’re Ignoring the Numbers
While most of the examples are quite obvious and also useful outside of social media marketing, I did find #7 to be a helpful suggestion.  I agree that transparency and authenticity are not an option on social media.  Win friends and influence people with refreshing candor and put a face on your brand every step of the way.  That's how a digital marketing effort can truly connect with the users.

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