Friday, February 20, 2015

The future of Google

An article"Google, Mighty Now, but Not Forever" from New York Times showed some new ideas about the online advertising industry and Google's future.

The article showed that Google now have $45 billion market share out of $550 billion market share of the global advertising market. Many of the advertisements are devoted to brand ads, such as those ads on television and magazine. Marketers try to create slow money flow from customers; they try to create emotion related effect in customers. Ads besides search results from Google are not that good for this kind emotions related brand ads for this perspective.

Another point is that the future online advertising are developing towards social network platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest. This point is simply based on that people spend too much time on those platforms, but people only go to Google for the purpose of looking for something. On the other hand, Google partner with Youtube which is also a very huge platform for advertisement.

Facebook, Google, these giant player have their own ads lab to optimize the advertising market. Facebook is also catching up in the ads field in some way.

The author also made the point that since Google already dominates such industry, it is hard for Google to dominates the next thing.

In my perspective, with huge data and resources, Google still can find some nice way to develop the online ads industry with its customer base. Google is also researching on other ares such as space exploration. I am exciting to see what will happen in the future with Google.  

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