Saturday, March 28, 2015

2 Tips Marketers Can Learn from Insta-Stars

2 Tips Marketers Can Learn from Instagram Stars

1. Content must be "snackable":  the new norm is to look at bite-sized information just to get a quick glimpse into someone's story, the hottest trend or the latest breaking news.  Digital Advertisers can use this mechanism in their own campaigns, delivering small pieces of information through photo or anthems that eventually build into a larger story.

2.  Think like an advertiser but photograph like an artist:  instagram is about conveying a sense of personal expression and giving those around you a glimpse into the life you want to portray.  The content feels authentic and more impressive when the aesthetic is clear and held to a certain standard.  Online advertising can take a similar approach.  For example a travel & lifestyle magazine may want to post a series of photos from a trip to Croatia that looks like a person is experiencing this vacation but with a level of aesthetic that makes it seem desirable.

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