Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Geico Winning the War Against Ad Skipping

My greatest nemesis on the internet is the 30 second ad that is standing directly between me and that funny cat video I desperately want to watch. My biggest decision of the day: will the last 15 seconds somehow justify the 15 seconds I already wasted or should I just accept the sunk cost and move on?

Well, one company has finally noticed my struggle and did something about it. Geico has developed a new internet video campaign that tells me everything I could possibly want to know in the first 5 seconds and if I choose to keep watching I am rewarded with an adorable dog eating food off the table or some other attempt by Geico to be cute.

Here is one of those ads:

These ads aren't quiet as clever or as funny as ESPN but at least I watch them without completely regretting my decision. Well done Geico for finally doing something about how we consume ads on youTube and developing a tailored strategy to the channel.


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