Sunday, March 15, 2015

B2B Digital Marketing Challenges

I didn't truly understand the depth and the complexity of digital marketing before I enrolled in this class. Now I am armed with a rudimentary understanding of this subject and more intimidated than ever by all the different avenues available to reach customers. Fortunately, I don't work in retail, which seems to be a Pandora's box for marketers trying to figure out how to reach large diverse groups of people. Conversely, my business (high level finance) has a very narrow field of potential customers which presents its own set of challenges that I think many B2B marketers face.

This makes conversion optimization very important for B2B marketers when compared to their peers in retail who start with a higher number of potential customers at the top of the funnel. One guest speaker recommended "Words that Sell," as a resource to help with conversion rate and I've found it to be a very useful. My response rate to trade recommendations has improved and the number of colleagues re-blasting my material to their clients has increased by simply adding these words to my messages/notes.
This is great because the ROI on a higher conversion rate of existing customers is tremendously high. However, the next step is reaching new customers. This isn't exactly an easy thing to accomplish with a very fragmented, highly regulated, and finite universe of potential clients. I'd like to know if anyone else faces similar issues and how they are attacking them or what kind of solutions they have devised.

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