Saturday, March 14, 2015

TD Canada Trust goes viral

Last year, TD Canada Trust successfully conducted a Thank You campaign with its customers. During the campaign, employees handed out 20,000 envelopes containing $20 bills, utilized ATMs ("Automated Thanking Machines") to distribute gifts, trips and thanks to a lot more customers, and finally called customers in order to inform them of a direct deposit into their account. In all, a total of 30,000 customers were given gifts as part of the campaign.

For the bank, the campaign gave them great press that supported the overall brand very effectively. Coming out of the campaign was a youtube video that within a week, the video had more than 2 million views and was shared more than 200,000. Additionally, it made it onto a number of major publications (the Today show and Forbes magazine to name a few). At this point, the youtube video has now had 20 million views.

When you conduct the math - 30,000*$20 = $600,000. You assume that about 200 of the gifts were more substantial (a trip to Disney, Blue Jays package, flowers) at an average of $1,000 a piece = $200,000. Finally, assume that production of everything including the Automated Thanking Machines was another $200,000 and everything was done for less than $1 million. Coming out of it, they got so many positive mentions in news shows, 200 million views on youtube, and very strong brand messaging around the brand values. Clearly, this was a very effective social media campaign.

The youtube video can be found at:

 And the Forbes article that summarizes key stats can be found here:

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