Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Marketers Ditch Unsure Agencies and Buy Programmatic Video Ads

According to Strata Marketing, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to effectiveness of online video ads.  In its recent forecast survey of traditional ad agencies, about 50 percent of its respondents said they were "unsure" about their confidence in getting good ROI from their online video ad purchases.  The uncertainty lies in the intended audience, with a very small percentage confidence in reaching their targets:


As pointed out in this Marketing Land article, Strata's sample size isn't huge.  But the results are pretty eye-opening.

A separately released (but equally interesting) study published in eMarketer noted, that given current trends and forecasts, digital programmatic ad spending in the U.S. is set to soar to 30 percent of digital ad spending -- right now it's about 22 percent.  As programmatic ad buying cuts out the agency middleman, I think both of these studies should be a call to arms for agencies to get their facts straight.

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