Saturday, March 14, 2015

Experience Marketing

When I read about digital marketing online. There was a article about experience marketing caught my attention. The article mainly talks about how to extend digital marketing to more tailored, personal oriented marketing campaign, which I think is a good concept.

Experience marketing could connect customers and business more intimate than traditional marketing, given that experience marketing could catch the personal preference towards brands, their behaviors. Experience marketing is more about to convey relevant information of a brand or service that customers actually values from their own perspective. Based on the huge amounts of data of customers now, it is critical, in my opinion, to discover each customs' behavior and then reach those customers through different personalized channels. 

Moreover, based on the name of "experience marketing". The job is to create an experience for targeted customers, to make personal campaign for those customers of interest. In my perspective, the unique experience for specific customers can make customers think that the products are designed and made tailored for them. 

I think "experience marketing" is a trend for marketing. Based on digital marketing, tailored advertisements on customers' computers and mobile devices could make it to the next step.

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