Friday, March 06, 2015

Taking a targeted approach to social media

As branch transaction volume continues to leave the branches, and more customers are willing to bank with an institution that doesn't have branches, regional banks need to identify how they can be successful over the likes of Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

U.S. Bank provides a good example of how customers can be targeted in order to drive success with a smaller segment. In a recent Forbes article, Kelly Colbert, VP of Social Media, explains that they build creative for "say, our top six audiences." U.S. Bank is the fifth largest retail bank in the country so you can imagine that as you move to smaller institutions, the focus audience should continue to decrease and the overall targeting should increase.

The article ( goes on to talk about the ability to take risks in the digital space because you have a lot more flexibility on the creative. In a recent BuzzFeed post, U.S. Bank used pictures of kittens and puppies to talk about the 10 things homeowners don't ask before buying a house (but should). The goal of the piece was not to directly drive sales - you won't see a call to action - but instead to build a relationship with the customer and build trust.

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