Friday, March 13, 2015

Excuse me, What Time is it?

As an amateur watch connoisseur, I like to believe that I have some type of appreciation for fine timepieces. This week much of the hype around watches was focused on reveal of the Apple Watch, in all its variations and glory. Like most who watched the launch, I was keen to hear about all of the bells and whistles. However, there was a subtle but intentional thing Apple did in its promotional material, that while in the scheme of the watch itself is inconsequential, in symbolic nature it reverberates well beyond as a metaphor and I give my kudos to the folks at Apple who made this suggestion. Traditionally in watch adverts, the time is set to 10:10 in order to showcase the face of the watch and the company logo, but Apple chose 10:09, an ode to it being ahead of the times. The watch market is know for precision and expertise over years of craftsmanship and as the new kids on the block, Apple tried to make a mark by distinguishing themselves from their competitors. 

It appears that Apple wants the Apple Watch's time to be ahead of even Timex, and displays a specific time of 10:09:00 or 10:09:30, both of which allow Apple to consider itself "ahead of the times" with the Apple Watch.

While some in the industry think that the reason for the 10:09 is due to symmetry, there is no doubt that what Apple did was intentional and think this is a great way to give a visual demonstration of what they are trying to be - ahead of the times.

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