Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Facebook's Data Firehose Made Easy

Facebook just introduced a product for advertisers called Topic Data which allows advertisers to see what people are saying on Facebook about products, events, etc.  The example the article gives, and this is a little bit big brother, is that you could post that you are having a frizzy hair day and you as a hair product company could see this real-time and step up your ad-spend that day for people in those demographics.  Now Facebook is doing this in a privacy-protected way with personal information being anonymous and there are other safety protocols put in place but to me, its still a little bit big brother.  From a brand standpoint, this is extremely useful and helpful.  From a personal standpoint, it is a little big brother but as long as user personal data is not being divulged then I don’t see the harm in it (yet).  

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