Friday, March 27, 2015

Asia's Best Campaigns From AdFest

In this AdAge article, during the recent Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Pattaya, Thailand, awards were presented to the best advertisement campaigns in the Asia region.

1.       fancy and practical whiskey ice Suntory’s ad showcased a Hakuhoda, Tokyo made device that allows serious whiskey drinkers to select from a variety of fancy designs which is then crafted into a glass-size 3D ice sculpture and used instead of the more traditional ice cubes. Instead of “on the rocks”, how about “on the statue of liberty” for a change? To further prove their technical wizardry, a second Suntory campaign showcased a hi-tech whisky glass that creates images as the ice and contents are swirled, invoking images of seasonal delights such as cherry blossoms or summer rain.

2.       In a funny ad spot by Tokyu Agency called “Three Seconds Cooking Shrimp Flying Cannon”, the process for flash frying shrimp really fast is demonstrated in various ways, including shooting the critters out of a cannon.
3.       In an online video spot called “I Hate Thailand”, the Leo Burnett Group Thailand, a down-trodden foreign tourist who was robbed of his possessions while traveling through Thailand finds life transforming experiences when he meets up with some friendly locals.
4.       A fourth spot, titled “Relocations”, also by Leo Burnett, showcased a simple, practical, and elegant cardboard box design that facilitate local residents in their effort to donate unwanted items when they move to a new home. After packaging, the lids on the same box can be flipped to read either “Keep”, or “Gift”. The latter goes directly to the Salvation Army and helps low income families.

Although Suntory won the Advertising of the Year award during the Asian AdFest, most of the non-winners, of which there were 3,295 entries, drew a lot of nonchalant comments from the judges, who disparaged the entries for imitation.

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