Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trends including local

Digging into recent web trends, i focused the latest reading on 10 internet trends impacting marketers in 2015. Among the key themes are mobile and a shift to local. Notably, this shift to local has been an emphasis for professor kagan in recent months, emphasizing that while google had an opportunity before it, he saw a company like Yelp as having leverage over google in that it allowed for direct interactivity with local merchants while bypassing the google world. notably, this too is leveraged off the mobile theme, with yelp a primarily mobile phenomenon.

Among other trends identified is the broader shift towards the cloud, threatening the incumbent players to an extent previously unknown. while the article doesnt stray into the details significantly, the question remains how cloud can best be used to the users advantage, particularly as portability and sharing of data becomes so important.  from a marketing perspective, the angle of how to sell these products, and how to engage with customers becomes all the more important, particularly if ad sales are to continue to support online activities including cloud. it would seem the trends towards online spending will increase, the question is what are the limits of advertising dollars to meet an expanding pie of opportunities online?

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