Sunday, March 15, 2015

US Bank; kittens and mortgages ran a story on US Bank's  recent Buzzfeed campaign, highlighting how digital marketing continues to shift creative content historically dominated by TV's to various online mediums, or as US Bank Social Media VP Kelly Colbert maintains “There’s been a shift in the social media/digital space from media efficiency to creative excellence,”

As opposed to traditional big budget one size fits all TV campaigns, digital marketing allows brands to fine tune their approach, segment/allocate and deliver their branding message at a lower cost.  Also, speed to market is faster, as brands will use initial responses to further refine the marketing message, Colbert explains; “Our strategy is to build creative for, say, our top six audiences.”

The Forbes story further highlights how the Buzzfeed campaign was a great facillitator to engage customers, specifically due to willingness of US Bank to take a less conservative approach that focuses purely on presenting product vs. a more visual and emotive campaign.  If interested, viewers could further explore by clcking into US Bank's 8 tips  directly from Buzzfeed content that US Bank posted.

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