Sunday, March 08, 2015

Apple Watch and Digital Marketing

I am writing this blog less than 24 hours from one of the most awaited moments of this year in Technology, the launch of Apple Watch on March 9. There have been so many rounds of discussions speculating about the Apple Watch.
I read couple of articles related to Apple Watch and its launch.

But what really is an Apple Watch? Apple’s CEO Tim Cook calls it the most personal product the company had ever made. It would be a smartwatch with a rectangular sapphire-coated display which can be paired with an iPhone through WiFi or Bluetooth. Apple’s products have always created revolution in the world of technology and its close competitors especially Google would be more than eager to learn about it and also ensure they have a better answer.

As a student of Digital Marketing, I am keen to understand how Apple Watch would impact the Digital Marketing world. To answer that, I did some research to find how major technology innovations or launches have always made a significant impact in the world of Digital Marketing. Right from the launch of Google as search engine to the launch of I-phone and I-Pad, marketers had to adapt to the new technologies. Certainly, Apple Watch could be one of those major innovations for which the smart marketers should start preparing immediately.

One of the speculations is that the relevance and usefulness of ads would be even more important. In other words, it would be easier for a user to ignore an ad that is not relevant to him or her. This would mean that advertisers need to increase the number of methods and devices at their disposal through which to reach consumers making the relevance and usefulness of their ads much more important.

Another speculation is that location based marketing could be even more relevant. App developers could create some programmatic alerts that sense when an Apple Watch user is in close proximity. Accordingly, a store or restaurant can virtually “tap” the nearby user on the wrist to get their attention, and that person could be offered a promotional coupon valid for few minutes. It would promote the real-time location based advertising and also lead to some technological innovations on that front too. The digital content would need to be tailored to this new delivery method with short, simple messages and photos.

Last but not the least, it is also speculated that the smart watch would have the ability to continuously monitor a user’s heart-beat. There have been numerous studies correlating human behavior with the heart beats. This would be a completely new parameter that marketers never had information about and would further help marketers better understand consumer engagement with individual ads.

Still lots of questions related to Apple Watch are yet to be answered. I am eagerly waiting for the launch tomorrow to find those answers.


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