Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Apple's New Ad Campaign "Shot on iPhone 6"


Even though Apple has never been the leader in worldwide phone sales, the iPhone is considered the world’s most popular camera.  Apple is leveraging this position in its new ad campaign.  The campaign features photos shot by iPhone 6 users.  It includes the work of 77 people in 70 cities in 24 countries posted in a gallery page on its website, other print outlets and outdoor signage like billboards.  The web gallery includes tips and what photo apps were used to capture the shots.  Apple reportedly crowdsourced the photos from social media apps, like Flickr and Instagram.



There are a few points Apple is trying to make with this campaign.  The first is that the iPhone 6 is a powerful creative tool and turns any user into a photographer, whether professional to causal.  Also, they want to emphasize the fact that the iPhone just isn’t the most popular camera phone in the world but the most popular camera period.  This ad campaign fits in with an ongoing series of ads that promote the iPhone, iPad and Mac as tools for creativity.


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