Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brick and Mortar in the Digital Age

Google has been an internet company since the day it started. It has pioneered the way digital marketing is done and has helped numerous merchants bring their stores into the digital age. While google has tried branching into hardware with google glass and chrome book its sweet spot has remained software.

That is until it decided to open a brick and mortar store. With this decision google has definitely decided to go the other way of most companies. Businesses are constantly increasing their online presence while minimizing the physical network but here google is doing the opposite.

If i had to guess google's primary goal with the store is probably to promote their brand. They want us seeing the google name not just when we are on the internet but also in the real world, even though that time is constantly decreasing. But this does raise an interesting question, how much does the brand benefit by being in the real world as well as the digital one? Whatever the answer is, I can't wait until they open one in NYC.

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