Thursday, March 12, 2015

Saving Face: Honda has a new ad campaign asking customers to get their recalled cars fixed ASAP

This isn’t your typical ad campaign.  Honda has decided to launch an ad campaign specifically asking owners to fix cars recalled for the Takata airbag inflators that are at risk of exploding during a crash.  I think it’s smart of them, not only to save their brand from potential damage but also, it is in the interest of their customers’ safety.  The campaign will have all types of ads like full-page ads in more than 120 newspapers and 30-second radio spots in more than 110 regional markets.  The most unique part of their campaign is that they will serve customized ads to Facebook users who own recalled Honda and Acura cars.  Honda provided info that identified the owners to be used in cross-reference with Facebook data.  This way Honda can target the ads to the specific owners by using Facebooks ad service.

Honda has come under more scrutiny recently because of the slow pace of fixing the recalled vehicles.  Honda states the goals of the campaign “are to save lives and prevent injuries.”  The ads urge concerned owners to visit the Honda and Acura websites and hotlines to see if their car is affected.  They also say that the owner will be provided a loaner or rental car if needed.  Hopefully, this ad campaign will be effective.  The campaign follows Honda’s action of mailing out millions of recall notices.  The rollout of the campaign is strategic.  It will start in the 7 US states with high year-round humidity (which contributes to the ruptures) and then 4 other states.  I’m not sure why but there will not be a national rollout.  I guess they’re just targeting the areas they think are the most at risk and where the most ruptures have occurred.

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