Monday, March 02, 2015

Optimizing Facebook Relevance Score While Minimizing Costs

Article in Techcrunch stating a company called Wisemetrics is making Facebook ad campaigns cheaper.  Essentially what they do is focus on Facebook’s new relevance score and help you optimize it so that your costs are minimized and click through rates / engagement / sharing is maximized. 
Pretty timely article given we just started covering social in class.  This seems like a pretty interesting tool for advertisers to you and what I like most about is that they get paid on your cost savings (so if you save nothing, they make nothing).   Personally, I feel as though making people money  gets you paid more than saving people money but that is just me but I am sure in advertising it is different.  Seems like a really smart tool.  I wonder how many other firms have or are developing tech capabilities to do the same thing.  I would have to imagine a lot if not all either have or are developing these same tools.  Ad tech seems very crowded to me.  Very crowded. 

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