Saturday, March 21, 2015

Amazon Shutting Down Webstore

Amazon has recently decided to shut down its e-commerce platform Webstore, a service enabling small business owners to create standalone e-commerce websites, in 2016. Several users of the service noted on Amazon forum that the company had contacted them to state that the platform would close next summer: "We will support the Webstore service until July 1, 2016 to give you 15 months to prepare for the change," the notification letter reportedly reads. A message on top of the Webstore landing page also states that the service is "no longer available to new sellers." According to reports from Re/code, the move comes as the hosting landscape has become increasingly flooded, with competitors Shopify and Bigcommerce raising boatloads of venture capital to develop more enticing eCommerce tools. eBay is apparently affected by this as well as it had announced last summer that it would discontinue its Magento Go software, which provides a similar service.

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