Tuesday, March 21, 2017

4G to 5G: Predictions for a Faster, Cheaper Data Landscape

Spectrum/Time Warner came to my apartment this week and upgraded my high speed internet from 4G speeds to 5G speeds. By 2020, it’s expected that the standard for mobile data speeds will be 5G. Additionally, I changed my Verizon phone plan last month to unlimited data because it finally made financial sense. Data is becoming faster and cheaper, and here are a few predictions on what that means for the digital marketing landscape:

1)    It’s all about video – Bigger screens and fast cheap data will mean that video will be easier to deploy and accessible to consume. It’s far more engaging to begin with, and now advertisers will benefit by being able to distribute video assets even further.

2)    Cord cutting will become more viable – consumers, once accessing “cable” television on mobile will be feasible and easy, will start to explore a la carte programming, ie buying channels on one off bases rather than in bundled cable packages. The watershed moment for traditional cable television to finally dissolve may finally be near.

3)    The “internet of things” will lurk closer - Requiring cheapier and easier set up costs, internet-connected “smart” gadgets will start to proliferate. Right now the fodder of the tech savvy, mass adoption will begin once ultra high speed internet is further commodified.

4)    Digital commerce will expand – With internet connection even more reliable, faster, and more functional, users will continue to become more idea with mobile purchases, which will expand share significantly since most e-commerce consumption currently happens on desktop.

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