Friday, March 24, 2017

Major US brands now pulling ads from YouTube & Google over extremist content

This article surprised me. It had never occurred to me that there could be negative unintended consequences of advertising on YouTube. Since you are not allowed to individually pick which videos your ads appear on there is a chance that your ad could slip through a filter and be attached to an extremist video. In the cases of the article the companies are unhappy since they are not intending to be linked or associated with those particular videos.

From all studies I have read YouTube advertising is very effective and if anyone clicks on an add or doesn’t skip it immediately then it is clearly a good lead for your product. This makes me believe that these companies are doing this to make a statement, send a message to google and use it is as a scare tactic. I can’t imagine they would really be ok with no longer advertising on YouTube. Hopefully their message is loud and clear and YouTube will fix the issues and advertisers can be placed beside the content they want to be near.

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