Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Digital marketing on the rise in India

I am currently visiting India and thought it would be interesting to see what small and medium businesses in India do for marketing. I was surprised to find that digital marketing has been rapidly increasing in India. According to Morgan Stanley, India’s digital marketing industry has grown 33% annually between 2010 and 2015 and consumption of online video content has grown almost 20% in just 1 year. Content has become an important tool for digital marketing. Small and medium businesses that traditionally relied on local advertisement, newspaper, billboards and word of mouth, are now implementing digital marketing strategies and are increasingly leveraging social media – Google, Facebook and Twitter – as part of the digital marketing strategy.

One of India’s leading digital marketing training companies outlines the following 7 steps to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for small and medium business
1.       Define goals & metrics and identify tools to measure success
2.       Research target audience to identify relevant channels
3.       Create content that addresses buyer persona pain points
4.       Build a content library for various channels
5.       Allocate a paid advertising budget
6.       Create a timeline and an action plan
7.       Evaluate results and improve your strategy

I see plenty of evidence that small and medium businesses in India are implementing a digital strategy, which was non-existent not too long ago

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