Saturday, March 25, 2017

Email Marketing Strategies

Following are three small tips that can boost your email marketing results:

1) Create abandon cart strategy: Roughly 68% of people abandon carts. This is huge. A portion of the abandoned card revenue can be recovered by following up with the customers. Two different groups achieved 8 and 12% success in recovering sale by re marketing to the people who abandoned cart. A good way to follow up is by integrating marketing system with your checkout system.

2) Segment and personalize email: Instead of blasting email to all customers, consider segmenting and tailoring the message for the segment. Segment can be based on a number of criteria including age, gender, purchasing behavior etc. The more you can personalize the message, the better.

3. Optimize timing of your email: I found this to be the most interesting tip. 1) the best time to send an email is between 10 am-11 am. 2) the best weekday to send emails for high transactions is Monday and 3) the best day to send emails with high open rates is Tuesday. When sending emails, keep the different time zones in mind.


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