Monday, March 06, 2017

Will 5G Shake Up Digital Marketing Channels As We Know Them?

Although it may be some time before 5G is introduced, it is interesting to think of the greater implications of its rollout. The following article nicely laid out what a 5G future could look like.

Our current 4G connectivity can be broken down into two primary features, bandwidth and latency. While connectivity speeds, or bandwidth, have come a long way, it is latency, or the speed at which devices communicate to one another that will play a large part of our increasingly connected world. The introduction of 5G will mean that fiber no longer needs to be physically installed and therefore connections will reach the remaining rural population that currently does not have access to such speeds. As the entire country becomes connected, this will increase the significance of the "internet of things" as there are fewer dead spots. The "internet of things" will start collecting masses of data that will presumably dwarf that being collected by Facebook and Google and will therefore shift the power balance. If the Verizon and ATT's of the world become the new Facebook and Google, the way in which marketers reach their customers will shift. That said, I don't think anyone is writing off Facebook and Google. The real thing to watch will be how they get in on what seems like an inevitable change.

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