Friday, March 24, 2017

Large Players Pulling Non-Search Ads from Google

Google’s YouTube problem continues: Now AT&T, Verizon and Enterprise are pulling some of their ads

Similar to many websites, YouTube relies on advertising revenue to keep their site running. However, with crowd-sourced content, advertisers risk their ads being placed next to controversial or hateful videos, which they have little to no control over. AT&T, Verizon, and Enterprise each experienced issues with their ads running next to controversial content and are pulling their ads from Google's non-search platforms. AT&T stated their ads may have been displayed next to terrorist videos. Enterprise specifically brings up the fact that such "programmatic buying is still evolving as a business practice" and "technology has gotten ahead of advertising industry's checks-and-balances."

But, Google has said this before and these large ad buyers are pulling out because they have not seen satisfactory improvements in their ad algorithm. If more high-profile clients threaten to pull ads from Google's platform as well, Google will be all but forced to solve the checks-and-balances problem in the digital marketing space, a huge challenges given the fragmented nature of the internet.

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