Friday, March 10, 2017

Drop It Like It's Bot

How many websites do you visit where there ISN'T a bot messenger that pops up asking what they can help you with? Do you click on it? Do you use it?

Me, personally, I never do. I find chatbots intrusive, weird and ultimately unhelpful. They ask many questions about you so they can gather information about you and use for their metrics. I don't like that the chatbot tries to be human-like as some chatbots have included a picture of a person, or try to use slang. Ultimately, I usually end up needing help by a real person. It's like dialing the 800 phone number, getting the automatic responses only to keep pressing 0 to speak to someone!!

And apparently I am not the only person to have these frustrations, as the article in DigiDay reported this morning that many brands have started to drop their bots as its many bots have a failure rate of 70%, meaning that bots could only get to 30% of requests without some sort of human intervention.

Could this possibly be a trend to go back to some sort of humanization from AI??

Digiday Article: Drop It Like It's Bot

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