Thursday, March 09, 2017

Choose Your Own (Netflix) Adventure

Digital marketing has truly democratized the relationship between brands and consumers.  Instead of brands just pushing products or initiatives or content out, they're pulling from real consumer feedback and insights on past products and initiatives and content to inform future products and initiatives and content.  This is paving the way for an optimal, mutually-beneficial value exchange.

Netflix recently announced it will be providing alternate endings for viewers based on their choices.  A personalized, choose your own adventure of sorts for every viewer.  The first shows will be children's shows, available at the end of the year.

This feels really smart from a digital marketing perspective on a variety of levels:

1. It brings binge watching and time spent with a show to a whole new level.  Now you don't just want a show once.  You watch it one way, and then another way, and then compare notes with a friend, and then watch it their way.  The permutations are endless.

2. It gives Netflix even more user data to pull into their algorithm, product development, and marketing efforts. This helps them ensure their work is as relevant and sticky as possible for users on an individual and collective basis.

3. It's talk-worthy.  This type of thing drives WOM online and off.  Imagine watching the Game of Thrones ending your way and then hitting the office to talk about the Game of Thrones ending their way.  You're going to want to share what you discovered, and bring others along for the ride.    

One watch-out would be making sure the viewing experience doesn't become too fragmented, with too many alternate pathways.  I think, then, you lose the sanctity of the experience and start to miss sharing something together, the community of it all.

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