Friday, March 24, 2017

(De-)Regulation on Big Data poses threat to Privacy Rights

The Senate voted this week to reverse FCC Privacy Rules, which means that wireless and internet service providers will now be allowed to share their customers' online data with advertisers WITHOUT consent.  This resolution still needs to be considered in the House, but if passed would have big implications on what protections the FCC could implement for consumers in the future.

This is obviously a very positive step for ISP's, who can sell big data to consumer focused companies, and for advertisers, who can use the data to increase ad revenue and help companies better direct their marketing dollars.For consumers, however, its a negative step that threatens our right to privacy.  I personally find it extremely intrusive to know that data derived from my personal internet/social media use can be used against me. I am not afraid of brands targeting me as a consumer, but only if its done in a moral & unconflicted fashion and with my consent! Put perfectly in the article: "its [my] data...How it’s used and shared should be [my] choice.”

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