Friday, March 10, 2017

Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

This article talks about how a majority of marketers are spending money and focusing on email marketing with their budgets this year. The article talks about how VR/AR and other mediums could be threats to email but the main proven method is still email.

I find it interesting because so many companies try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing - yet the research shows that a proven method like email is working. That is why the numbers show that companies are doubling down on email.

They talk about 3 main ways to spice up your email content - none of which are new to email marketing: 1. Use dynamic content, 2. Use Geo targeting/fencing , 3. Provide Dynamic Offers.

I agree with this article and suggest doubling down on email since it's a proven method. Take the time and money and refine your email approach for maximum results.

If you are interested in reading more you can find the full article here:

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