Monday, March 20, 2017

Reining in Google's Run-of-Site Advertising

Google has come under some pressure recently as its run-of-site advertising model has placed ads in front of extremist video's on its Youtube platform. This problem for Google comes on top of other issues they have been facing recently, including requests by brands and agencies to have a clearer picture into metrics and performance.

While Google can refine their screening processes, the recent media attention seems to be highlighting a greater shift in the market. Not only will Google have to come up with better ways to screen videos for inappropriate content, they will also need to manage ad placements for "fake news". There seems to be a slight shift in power in an industry where Google, Facebook etc. had a seemingly never ending supply of content on which to advertise and little oversight.

Are all of these news stories pointing to a shift that could slowly be impacting Google and Facebook's reign? To my eye there is definitely a shift underway as improved analytics will show less of a correlation between ads and sales. Run-of-site opportunities will inevitably be reined in as increased vetting and metric tracking occurs and ultimately, the pendulum is going to start swinging away from Google.

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